Love or Business, should we choose?

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Love or Business should I choose?

I have seen a lot of people (often women but not only in fact…) who did not allow themselves to flourish professionally because they were afraid to shadow their spouse, to earn more than him, not to be available enough for him, in short, to have to choose between their love and their business or job…

Love… a very broad subject that is often at the heart of every person, entrepreneur or not. I have never met anyone who does not wish to live a beautiful love story. I do not pretend that this does not exist, but I believe that in every human being rests a deep desire for sharing that can be expressed particularly in a relationship. Personally, I also have the intimate conviction that the relationship to the other in a couple is an extraordinary mirror to transform and evolve.

And if I’m honest, I myself spent several years in a relationship that was extinguishing me because I couldn’t fully deploy on it without fear of losing my loved one. Throughout the relationship, I did my best to meet each other’s needs and mine at the same time when it was clear that they were incompatible. In doing this I prevented myself from flourishing, but the worst part is that being in this relationship made me lose the desire and the desire to work, I even thought I was doing a burn out: I didn’t want anything, even to do coaching! This type of relationship can be very insidious and especially what was the hardest to accept is that it was only after the relationship that I understood what was going on… When I dared to break up, put an end to this relationship, as if by magic the desire to make projects came back.

You’re going to say to me, “Well then, isn’t that proof that business and love are incompatible”? Well, actually not. It just proves that it wasn’t a true love relationship… Loving, for me is anything but trying to prevent the other from spreading his wings because it risks making you shade or it puts in front of you everything you would like to do and you can not do … To love is not to try to control the other to be sure that he does not leave you or for fear that he will walk away…

The relationship to money is very revealing of what is going on in your couple in fact. As I often say, “The way you manage your money reflects the way you manage your life.” In the couple, money can become a problem, expressed or not. What is certain is that money is only the mirror of what is played out in your J couple. Because be sure, money does not have the power to transform people, only you have that power for you!

Loving is not simple, and for good reason, it seems to me that it is to all our essential learning… What my journey has taught me is that a true Love relationship requires these 3 essential keys:

  1. Communication and exchanges
  2. Personal development work with each partner
  3. Keep your heart open and leave the other free to come true

So if darling starts to criticize what you’re doing, to complain that you spend too much time working, to tell yourself that doing this or it’s not worth it, that you’d better do like this or like that or not to do it or … look in his words what could help you move forward better and ask him what his real need is behind his speech…

If meeting one’s needs means denying you… you may have to choose, not between Love and Business, but between your realization or his. Because a story of Love always finds the way that allows everyone to flourish…

What do you think? What is your own experience?