Being Respected as a Woman

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Glass ceilings, sexual harassment, scale-tone-pork, all concepts that tend to prove that women are struggling to gain respect in the workplace and to get the recognition they deserve for their good and loyal service.

Should you throw your pig?

In France, equality between men and women seems a pipe dream, unless our Minister for Gender Equality, Marlene Schiappa, is stepping up to move her issues in this direction.

Considering that 80% of women complain of inappropriate behaviour on the part of their colleagues, we are faced with a societal emergency. Let’s not forget the 30% or so who do not dare to lift the veil on a subject so taboo for them. They who, out of necessity, choose to continue working under the libidinous gazes of these men constantly on the lookout for the perfect time to touch them or whisper unhealthy words to their ears.

I myself have had my share of harassment, I still live it and unfortunately, I am one of those who do not denounce because, still on the threshold of my career, I can not afford to put myself on the back of the people who can move it forward. So I took the side of laughing at the jokes and gently pushing the hand that lost its way to find itself in the middle of my thigh. In my misfortune, I am lucky to have a tempered character and they see it well.

For the question these women are asking is this: if I denounce, it will be my word against hers. Will I be taken seriously? Will I be listened to? And for good reason, one must keep in mind the fact that generally the harasser is almost always a superior and therefore by definition has more power, including that of making and undoing the career of his victim. So here they are before a corneal choice: my career or my virtue?

For the record, I was dealing with a man who knew I was in a relationship and who said to me “Warn him that if I decide to court you, he has no chance because when I want something, I always end up having it” And I always end up having it” And I always answer him, angry “Watch out, wash your mouth when you talk to me when you talk to me , I am not a thing but a woman who does not like presumptuous men”

Businesses, slingshot against demeaning behaviours for women

Fashion effect or simple publicity stunt, large companies such as AREVA, PSA, SODEXO, DANONE have made gender equality a real development issue. However, it is a problem that has existed for many decades and to which these same companies were reluctant to give the importance it deserves.

Art. R1142-1

All discrimination in hiring is prohibited

Differentiation on remuneration, training and career development is prohibited.

Art. L3221-1 to 7

For the same work or work of the same value, the woman had to be paid equally.

The entrepreneur has an obligation to set up prevention sessions on sexual harassment in the workplace and the penalties incurred by the person who commits such acts.

Businesses are therefore concerned about the glass ceiling and the protection of women in the workplace, but how can we be sure that their sudden interest in the cause of women is really selfless?

Since the Balance Ton Pig case, victims have become more loquacious, thus harmful to the company; they decide to take the lead before employees decide to speak out. Between one year’s imprisonment and 3,750 euros in damages on the one hand, and a lawsuit that could splash the company on the other hand, the choice is quickly made!

Gender equality, the choice of success

A survey conducted last year by Sodexo on 50,000 of its employees in 80 countries, showed that between 40% and 60% of women in its teams would be the optimal criteria for achieving the best results, not only in terms of turnover but also in terms of employee engagement, the reputation of the company as well as customer satisfaction.

Let us hope that this latest information will convince societies to give women the respect and place they deserve.