Who We Are

It is about realizing genuine equality for men and women.

We support the initiatives of women’s organizations, women entrepreneurs, women leaders, and other organizations that contribute to social, economic or political improvement for the position of women. We engage with various organization, companies and other stakeholders – both men and women – to have them recognize and support women’s leadership in within their respective institutions.

Arienne Chauvet

Entrepreneur/Women's Advocate

Arienne runs her own digital marketing business and does advocacy work during her free time.

Victorine Lanoie

Freelance Artist/Women's Advocate

Victorine plies her craft online. She is a member of her community’s women organization.

Mariette Sauvé

Social Worker/Women's Advocate

Mariette is not a stranger to women’s advocacy since her job as a social worker, exposes her to their plights.